Boat excursion

There are 2 ways to walk through the Tyasmin canyon and listen to an interesting story about the origin of this unusual natural monument, its features, flora, etc.:

  • during a walking tour;
  • during a boat trip on the river Tyasmin (in the warm season).

Of course, more memorable and romantic is a boat trip, which allows you to see all the charms of the canyon from the inside, to sense its wonderful sights, to feel the splash in the river, and to get more impressions in a sight to behold. For the safety reasons, life jackets have been purchased for visitors, briefings are provided, and people are boarding time-tested boats. This additional service definitely gives more unforgettable experiences.
The Tyasmyn canyon’s hiking trail includes some memorable moments. People enjoy nature, and can see rare mosses live, can touch them, breathe fresh air, to take pictures on solid rocks, etc.