The Reserve’s Chamber Ensemble

The Kamyanka Chamber Ensemble of the Historical and Cultural Reserve was established in October 2000 (hereinafter referred as the Ensemble). The Founder of the Ensemble was Valery Volkov, the director of the Kamyanka Music School, Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine. The ensemble consists of employees of the Kamyanka Historical and Cultural Reserve who graduated from a music college or music school.
I Violin: I.M. Tatarinova – teacher of the class “Violin” in children’s music school;
II Violin: T.I. Golub – attendants of the Historical Museum, the ensemble’s Artistic Director
III Violin: N.O. Pugach – researcher, scientific employee at the History Museum;
Cello: O.O. Zamohylna – secretary, typographer;
Piano: T.P. Chupak – Director of the Alexander Pushkin’s and Petro Tchaikovsky’s Museum.


The Chamber Ensemble was created primarily for accompanying the events in the Historical and Cultural Reserve. It has long outgrown the boundaries of the museum institution. Now, the Ensemble is being actively involved in various local, regional, and national events. The Ensemble frequently performs at art festivals, literary and musical events, presentations of exhibitions, creative meetings with writers and composers, at children’s competitions and children’s matinees. For 11 years of existence, the Chamber Ensemble has become a hallmark of Kamyanka, as well as a unique phenomenon in the museum world of Ukraine. The Ensemble represented Kamyanka district at reporting concerts in 2004, 2008. It also played for the Ambassadors of Germany, Kazakhstan, and Japan, accompanied cultural and historical exhibitions at the Ukrainian House, Expocentre, and Opera House in Kyiv, as well as in Cherkasy, Chyhyryn, Kaniv. In 2007 – 2009 the Chamber Ensemble performed a concert program in Korsun-Shevchenkivsky during the Lilac Ball and Museum Nights. The Ensemble celebrated its 10-th Anniversary with a big concert in Kamyanets, about which a film was made by the regional TV and “Ros`” Radio Company.

The Chamber Ensemble

The Ensemble’s repertoire includes both works of Ukrainian and foreign classics, and works by contemporary composers, as well as fellows from Kamyanets. In total there is about 150 works. Including:

  1. I. Bach: “Aria”, “Gavotte”.
  2. G. Handel: “Passakalia”.
  3. Kachini: “Ave Maria”.
  4. K. Gluck: Melody from the opera “Orpheus”.
  5. L. Beethoven: “Minuet”, Sonata No. 14, I part.
  6. Delib: “Pizzicato”.
  7. A. Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor.
  8. F. Schubert: “Musical Moment”, “Serenade”, “Military March”.
  9. M. Glinka: “Doubts”, “Nocturne-Separation”.
  10. A. Dvorak: Slavic Dance No. 2, “Gypsy Song”.
  11. I. Brahms: Hungarian dance No. 5.and many others.

The Chamber Ensemble is the pearl of the reserve and the whole community. The performance of this unique group is always a great event for the cultural community of our region.