Canyon History

Tyasmin Canyon is a landscape reserve of local significance. This natural monument is located along the Tyasmin River in the town Kamyanka, Cherkasy region.
History of Tyasma canyon is informative and fascinating. In ancient times (2 billion years ago) the right bank of Dnieper in the Cherkasy region was covered with high mountains. Over time, they were destroyed due to the incessant influence of nature, which led to changes in the earth’s surface. Now only the roots of the former mountains remained, which we can see as crystalline rocks of the Tyasmin canyon.

The canyon is located within the Dnieper Upland that is the largest plateau in Ukraine. Tyasmin canyon is located between the rivers Dnieper and Southern Bug. As it is known, upland is an area on the Earth’s surface that lies above the surrounding areas. Since the crystalline basement of the Dnieper Upland is covered with a small layer of clay-sand rocks, granites, gneisses, quartzites, and magmatites, the rock terain reaches the surface in ravines, gullies, and river valleys, which is typical for the Tyasmin canyon.

Here everything is amazingly beautiful and interesting: steep high cliffs, which rise up to 11-13 meters, picturesque landscapes that change their colour at different times of the year, wavy-sparkling waters, in which the sun’s rays dance with playful reflections.